A partnership with Kompany guarantees you of a reliable and flexible partner, as well as – naturally – the very best fresh produce. You’ll work with professionals with experience in cultivation, marketing, sales and logistics. Focussed on new opportunities, collaborations and win-win situations.


Our promise to you
Kompany promisesquality,innovative solutions in both cultivation and sales,constant stock,customization and last but not least a top logistical achievement. Every single day!
Kompany and its growers strive for perfection and top quality every single day, where cultivation, logistics as well as sales are concerned. This includes the constant monitoring of our quality by our quality inspectors, in collaboration with Agro Quality Support.
We and our growers also satisfy a variety of certifications, including the internationally recognised and leading GLOBALG.A.P. Read more about these certifications here.


The market is continuously in motion and this naturally includes Kompany too. We will continue to look for innovative ways of serving the market in an even better, more focussed and more flexible manner. Our growers are also constantly on the lookout for improved varieties and cultivation methods.
High-wire cultivation and assimilation lighting
A good example is high-wire cultivation, which entails growing a specific cucumber variety on a ‘high-wire’. A number of our growers were among the first to start using this method. Although the number of cucumbers per plant is slightly lower, the quality and taste of the products is better. Another innovation was the use of assimilation lighting, where natural sunlight is supplemented by artificial light. Particularly during the winter, this improves the quality of the crops.
New sales markets and innovative packaging concepts
We also keep searching for new sales markets and innovative packaging concepts. We will provide our products in flow packs if needed, offer little ‘snack cucumbers’ and we’re currently exploring the possibility of producing cucumbers throughout the year. Anything to meet your standards!

Always in stock
Our products are always available from stock, i.e. in the greenhouse – fresh on the plant. This means we only supply the freshest products, without exception. Juicy, green cucumbers, or perhaps deep red tomatoes and shiny strawberries. Always of the very best quality and the most delicious taste!
Our products do have specific harvest times. Read more about this here.


Kompany enjoys thinking along with its customers and will do everything possible to meet any of its customers’ specific needs. For example, you can plan and call up orders yourself via the customer portal – and this is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Packaging possibilities
Do you have any specific requirements where the packaging of the products is concerned? Please do let us know, we will gladly think along with you!
Top logistical achievement
The grower harvests, sorts and packs his products in the morning and makes sure the delivery arrives at the Kompany logistics centre before the end of the day. After a thorough quality check, the delivery is formally received and accepted. In accordance with the customer, sold products are prepared at the right time – ready to be picked up by you at any preferred moment. From grower to buyer within two days! A top logistical achievement, one we manage to realise together with our growers every single day.
Home loading
If required, it’s even possible for our customers to receive products on the same day - through home loading. In this case, you collect the delivery at the greenhouse. Planned and organised by Kompany.
Terms of delivery
Download our terms of delivery here.

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