Welcome to Kompany! Kompany B.V. is the extension of the Kompany U.A. cooperative. We are your regional partner for fresh greenhouse produce from the Venlo region and surroundings. With large cultivation areas in the Netherlands and Spain, we offer top quality fruit and vegetables all year round. Read more about our reliable and transparent cooperation.
Are you looking for a new concept for your fresh produce department? We would be happy to consider a concept with you, or perhaps one of our existing concepts would suit you.


Regional partner for supermarkets:

We act as a regional partner for many supermarkets in Germany and the Netherlands.
Our closeness to the Rhine-Ruhr region makes us particularly accessible to supermarkets in this region.

High availability thanks to cultivation areas in the Netherlands and Spain:

We have large growing areas in the Netherlands and Spain, which guarantee us high availability all year round.
These growing areas enable us to offer a wide range of fresh products.

Top quality fruit and vegetables:

Our focus is on high-quality fruit and vegetables, direct from the grower.
We work closely with our growers to ensure that our products are fresh and of the highest quality.


Kompany B.V. as an extension of the cooperative:

The cooperative consists of 30 member companies that work with us to meet the needs of our customers.
This cooperative system enables us to offer a wide range of fresh products. Kompany B.V. is the sales office of the cooperative. This gives B.V. full access to the cooperative's entire production.

Own cultivation in Spain for year-round supply:

In order to be able to supply our customers continuously, we have realized our own cultivation in Spain.
This cultivation follows the guidelines of our Dutch cooperative and enables us to offer fresh products even in the off-season.

Transparency and direct contact:

We value transparency and direct contact with our customers.
Open communication enables us to react to fluctuations in production and find solutions together with our partners.


Reliable partner:

We are a reliable partner that our customers can count on.
Our long-term relationships are based on compliance with agreements and the high quality of our products.

Product range:

Our focus is on cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries, which we offer under our house brand EV'RYDAY, but we also have another regional brand made especially for the German market in the region: Die Frischen - Venlomenal Gut.
Should there be a desire for products other than cucumbers, tomatoes, pointed peppers and strawberries, our large network of growers and cooperatives certainly offers opportunities to offer other products in addition to our own.


We are a cooperative in the Venlo region that supplies fresh greenhouse produce and supplies supermarkets in Germany and the Netherlands as a regional partner. Thanks to large cultivation areas in the Netherlands and Spain, we can offer top-quality fruit and vegetables all year round. With 30 production companies and our own cultivation in Spain, we are a reliable partner that values transparency and high product quality.
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