About us

About us

Kompany is a cooperative of and for growers, which together supply the market with top quality fresh produce – direct from the garden or their own joint logistics centre. Our shared passion is the cultivation and marketing of the best fresh products, including cucumbers, tomatoes, pointed peppers and strawberries. We are also always open to expand our product range and member base.

Our products are carefully grown and meet the highest possible quality standards. We therefore fully endorse our products and strive for perfection at all times. By constantly paying close attention to our products. By continuing to innovate. By growing. This responsibility is our daily reality in the cultivation and marketing of our products. Plus we will always do everything within our power to realise the very best yield for the chain. With each other and with the customer, using each other’s expertise. After all, our strength is working ánd growing together.


Founded in 2009, Kompany is a relatively 'young' company. It began as an association of three existing organizations, which aimed for the joint marketing of the produce of the affiliated cucumber growers.
Located at Fresh Park Venlo, Kompany realized a strong partnership within the chain. When the three companies decided to merge in 2014, this led to the Kompany we know today. A cooperative of and for growers, which together provide the market with an ever-broadening range of high-quality fresh produce. In addition to cucumbers we offer tomatoes, pointed peppers and strawberries. Moreover, we are always interested in expanding our product range.

Mission & vision statements

The cultivation and marketing of cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries. This is what it’s all about at Kompany. We strive for a clear goal, formulated in our vision and mission statements.

Mission statement
Kompany is a cooperative of and for growers, aiming to sell the very best vegetables and fruit together all year round . The aim of this very successful sales model is to offer the customer a top quality product in an efficient and reliable manner, at a fair price.

Vision statement
‘Growing Together’ stands for the joint cultivation and sales of top quality fresh produce. Together with the growers, we will continue to serve the market with the best products and will always look for innovative ways of providing the market with an even better, more efficient and more flexible service. We will continue to grow!

Executive Board
Theo Geven Chairman info@kompany.nl
Paul van Lipzig Vice-Chairman info@kompany.nl
Chantal Alaerds Secretary info@kompany.nl
Thom van Mullekom Executive Member info@kompany.nl
Bart van Mierlo Executive Member info@kompany.nl

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